What is the Canada-India Knowledge Platform (CIKP)?

CIKP is an interactive platform designed to holistically present current issues pertaining to science and technology, energy and trade between, and within Canada and India. The aim to enhance knowledge and provide access to policy schemes, documents and programs for Canadian and Indian policy makers, researchers, scholars and students. In doing so, we hope to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between the two countries. The knowledge hub will also feature a quarterly newsletter to provide more analytical views on various updates. 

Goals and Objectives

Our overall goal is to exemplify Canada’s priorities in India and vice versa, describing the current major bilateral agreements between the two countries in the areas of science and technology, trade and energy. It will also provide insight on some of the challenges and cultural differences in business and research conduct within these fields. The website is aimed to present the various sectors where Canada and India can enhance their collaborative efforts. This includes but is not limited to Energy, Aerospace, Automotives, Education. Each section will give a brief synopsis of Canada’s current priorities and efforts within the field in comparison to those of India. It will also present the major Canada-India policy considerations within that particular industry.

India as a Strategic Partner to Canada

  • India is Canada’s largest trade partner in South Asia. Canada continues to strengthen existing trade deals and develop new ones with India. The current Canadian trade support network includes close to 50 trade commissioners in eight locations throughout the country
  • India is one of Canada’s top three source countries for immigrants
  • India is Canada’s second largest source of foreign students
  • Canada has a Indian diaspora community of more than 1 million people